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"Indeterminacy 25"
Instalación itinerante para el proyecto Luggage Swap de Clara Cardinale

An Eskimo lady who couldn’t speak or understand a word of English
was once offered free transportation across the United States
plus $500 providing she would accompany a corpse
that was being sent back to America for burial.
She accepted.
On her arrival she looked about and noticed that
people who went into the railroad station
left the city and she never saw them again.
Apparently they traveled some place else.
She also noticed that before leaving
they went to the ticket window,
said something to the salesman, and got a ticket.
She stood in line,
listened carefully to what the person in front of her said to the ticket salesman,
repeated what that person said, and then traveled wherever he traveled.
In this way she moved about the country from one city to another.
After some time, her money was running out
and she decided to settle down in the next city she came to,
to find employment, and to live there the rest of her life.
But when she came to this decision
she was in a small town in Wisconsin
from which no one that day was traveling.
However, in the course of moving about she had picked up a bit of English.
So finally she went to the ticket window and said to the man there,
“Where would you go if you were going?”
He named a small town in Ohio where she lives to this day.

John Cage
Indeterminacy 25